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Being Responsive Counts

When thinking about your web site moving forward, we would suggest that a responsive design is critical to your brands success. Your visitors need to be able to easily navigate your site and read content no matter what device they are on, phone, tablet or PC. If a customer visits your site, if the site isn’t responsive or mobile friendly they will leave and find a competitors site that is.

What is a responsive site?  It is a website that can automatically determine the device the user is on and scale to change the size of images and text to fit that device. So being responsive means your site works and looks great no matter what they use to view your site.

How do I make my site responsive?  The team at blue Digital will meet with you and discuss your market, your needs and develop a mobile friendly responsive site to suit your budget. There are a large range of options available for you to redevelop your existing site or create a brand new site.

Take some time now to see how your visitors see your site from their mobile tablet and decide would you continue to view a non-responsive site or move on? If you answer “move on” then you should get in touch with us and we can setup a complimentary meeting to determine your best options moving forward. Get in touch here.

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