Cloud Services

Blue Digital’s Trusted Cloud Services are suite of easy-to-use Multi-Tenant Platform-as-a-Service solutions that safely, securely, and seamlessly deliver your Customers’ Applications, Data, Desktops, Servers, and Voice services in the Cloud. The Trusted Cloud Services platform saves time, simplifies administration, and increase margins.

With a Partner Program for Managed Service Providers and Independent Software Vendors we can help you get to the Cloud Safely, Simply, and Securely. Contact us to find out how simple it can be.

Cloud Communications

(VoIP & mPBX) Services

Our mPBX platform is a full featured Cloud Communications platform that delivers real-time provisioning and billing for VoIP/PBX services in a self-service multi-tenant environment.

  • Real-time provisioning and billing (via our self-service portal
  • Drag and Drop visual editor for configuration and call flows
  • Automated provisioning of Yealink handsets and mobile apps
  • In-built support (how-to) videos for users and technicians
  • Comprehensive usage reports including per user/extension charges
  • Compatible with existing VoIP capable phone systems (via SIP Trunking)
  • MS Teams direct calling (including hybrid configurations)

For existing users of the v2 Portal that are interested migrating to the new platform or would like a demo please contact us.

Cloud Workspace

Work from Anywhere

Cloud Workspace is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides access to existing on-premise or cloud services allowing users to Work from Anywhere using only a web browser.

With the Trusted Cloud Workspace you can publish on-premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud RDS/WVD Desktops as well as other web (SaaS) services like Xero, Sales Force, or Office 365 and make them available to users via a single secure web portal.

As “Zero Client” solution (just a browser), there is no need to install additional software components or plug-ins on servers or end user devices to access an existing target infrastructure.

Cloud Deploy & Manage

Fully Automated

We provide a simple and cost effective way to deliver Cloud Desktops and Applications in Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Manager is a PaaS service that automates the process of deploying and managing scalable and reliable Cloud (Desktop & Appliation) Infrastructure Solution with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

The platform also supports deployment of Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) host pools in Microsoft Azure which can be access via Microsoft’s AVD gateway (public model), via our Trusted Cloud Workspace (secure PaaS), or a dedicated Cloud Workspace instance (private model).

Azure Cloud Optimisation

With our Trusted Cloud Management Portal we provide Optimisation and Rightsizing for workloads on Microsoft Azure to deliver better performance and lower cost on Cloud infrastructure. Our platform offers:

  • Insights into Cloud infrastructure and service utilisation,
  • Recommendations for Security, Cost, and Performance,
  • Automated remediation and changes (optimise or right size with the click of a button), and
  • The option to escalate or assign any tasks to your IT service team or Managed Service Provider

For existing users of the v2 Portal that are interested migrating to the new platform or would like a demo please contact us.


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